Astrology Art

There are only a handful of things more controversial than art, and astrology is one of them. So, why not combine the two? Experience the cosmos through this captivating curation of Astrology Art, where the seven zodiac signs come alive through symbolism and mesmerizing abstract representations, each reflecting the unique attributes of the signs.

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Curated by Eden Young

36in (W) x 36in (H)


20.9in (W) x 30.1in (H)


8.6in (W) x 11.8in (H)


16.5in (W) x 23.6in (H)

Mixed Media

16in (W) x 12in (H)


17.5in (W) x 24.4in (H)


29.9in (W) x 39.8in (H)


17.7in (W) x 23.6in (H)


66in (W) x 42in (H)


23.6in (W) x 35.4in (H)

Mixed Media

About the Curator

Eden Young

Eden is Bluethumb's Content Marketer. An award-winning hyper-realistic graphite artist and published wordsmith, Eden has a strong passion for the arts. Her goal at Bluethumb is to share artists' unique stories, connecting creatives to collectors through the written word.

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