March 12, 2024

Echoes of Tradition

Echoes of Tradition celebrates and recognizes the history of the world's oldest living culture. As a member of the Indigenous Art Code, Bluethumb is proud to have established direct partnerships with some of Australia's most remote and respected Indigenous Art Centres. This curation, a tribute to tradition, features a mix of Indigenous artworks sourced from Indigenous Art Centres and several independent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.

Bluethumb acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the land we live and work on in Australia and abroad. We extend our respects to the ancestors of all First Nation peoples and Elders past, present, and future.

Curated by Eden Young

30in (W) x 40in (H)


20.1in (W) x 20.1in (H)


7.1in (W) x 5.9in (H)


19.7in (W) x 15.8in (H)


31.5in (W) x 21.7in (H)


13.8in (W) x 15.8in (H)


53.2in (W) x 78.7in (H)


35.4in (W) x 35.4in (H)


39.4in (W) x 59.1in (H)


About the Curator

Eden Young

Eden is Bluethumb's Content Marketer. An award-winning hyper-realistic graphite artist and published wordsmith, Eden has a strong passion for the arts. Her goal at Bluethumb is to share artists' unique stories, connecting creatives to collectors through the written word.

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