Popular Portraiture

Portraits have been an important art form throughout history. A symbol of social status and self-expression, they were once the only method for capturing the look and persona of a human. Today, people are drawn to portraiture for its historical significance and its ability to capture the essence of emotions and transport viewers into another world. Dive into this curation of popular portraiture and add a unique touch to your interior decor today!

Curated by Christina McDonald

31.9in (W) x 37.8in (H)


29.9in (W) x 40.2in (H)


19.7in (W) x 31.5in (H)


14.2in (W) x 18.1in (H)


36in (W) x 24in (H)


59.1in (W) x 39.4in (H)


25.2in (W) x 34.7in (H)

Mixed Media

17.7in (W) x 17.7in (H)


20.1in (W) x 29.9in (H)


40.9in (W) x 31.5in (H)


About the Curator

Christina McDonald

Christina is Bluethumb's Social Media & Content Coordinator, here to keep you up to date with all things Bluethumb. Having previously worked as a Visual Artist, Christina has a deep and long-standing passion for the Arts. Christina's goal at Bluethumb is to help all of our artists achieve their full potential, and to help you find the perfect piece for your space.

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