Sun, Surf & Skate

Are you ready to soak up the sun's warmth, relish in early morning surfs, and leisurely skate along the boardwalk? After enduring a chilly winter, these summer-themed artworks will surely make you yearn for it!

This collection is tailored for those who eagerly embrace life under the sun, with sandy hair and an unmistakable love for summertime! Explore artworks that speak to your enthusiasm for the sun, surf, and skating.

Curated by Eden Young

27.6in (W) x 43.3in (H)

Reproduction Print

14.2in (W) x 14.2in (H)

Mixed Media

28.7in (W) x 40.6in (H)


8.3in (W) x 10in (H)


16in (W) x 16in (H)


15.8in (W) x 15.8in (H)


About the Curator

Eden Young

Eden is Bluethumb's Content Marketer. An award-winning hyper-realistic graphite artist and published wordsmith, Eden has a strong passion for the arts. Her goal at Bluethumb is to share artists' unique stories, connecting creatives to collectors through the written word.

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